Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Insurance: Sick of It!

I attended the “Big Insurance: Sick of It” Rally yesterday in midtown Manhattan, across from Madison Square Garden. It was good, but it would’ve been nice to see more people. I was glad in the end that I’d squeezed it into my schedule.

This issue has me, and others in thrown into a tizzy…

People around the world just can’t understand it! They’re saying - “What the hell is wrong with Americans- why WOULDN’T they want a decent health care system that would cover their own people?”

I can understand why the Republican and the “Blue Cross” Democratic congress are against healthcare reform. They have been bought and pocketed by big insurance and big pharma. But what I just can’t understand is why the Republican base, or anyone else for that matter who claim to be Christian- why they would not support this country taking care of its own- and “the least of its brothers”?! That doesn’t seem very Christian to me.